White Girls are Starting to Embrace Their Curls and I’m 100% Here for it! (131/365)

Years ago women of colour ditched the relaxers and started embracing the hair that they were born with, and to be honest it helped a lot of us out. The rise of the ‘natural hair guru’ meant that for the first time we had access to information about our hair that our parents did not have, plus this pressured a lot of big hair brands to start catering to curly hair – so thats a plus. One thing that has started happening very recently is that white girls are starting to embrace their curls and initially I was confused, but now I’m 100% here for it.

One Youtube video popped into my recommended and the title was along the lines of ‘Finding out I have curly hair’. I was so confused, because surely you would know what your hair texture is right? Well, for some girls that’s not the case, and I ended up watching loads of videos and learning the reason why. It’s mainly due to the fact that they brush out their hair and blow dry it straight – then with the heat damage building up they just assume their hair is slightly wavey when in reality they have lots of curls waiting to be nourished.

Some girls already knew they had curly hair and they’re also embracing it. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the pressure to wear your hair straight is something everyone deals with, especially when they have parents who have straighter hair. They get thrown language like ‘frizzy’ ‘unmanageable’ ‘unruly’ and because of that they start to assume their hair is something that needs to be tamed, as opposed to embraced.

I’ve truly found it interesting learning about the other side of girls embracing their curls, and to be perfectly honest I’m happy for them. It seems like a struggle to begin with, but in all honesty it gets a lot easier. Plus your hair ends up healthier because you’ll use less heat or straightening treatments – so it’s a win/win situation really. 🙂

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