What We Know So Far about Handmaid’s Tale Season 3 (135/365)

If you haven’t watched The Handmaids Tale, what are you doing, go watch it now. It’s honestly one of the best TV shows out right now, it might be horrifically depressing at times but it’s honestly worth it! Season 3’s trailer is out now and Hulu have really amped things up!

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

So the trailer shows us that this season will be focusing on the rise and growth of the resistance and I honestly can’t wait. After the events of Season 2 it also looks like Serena’s now joined and is bringing the wives of the commanders with her.

It also looks like Aunt Lydia survived her attack, but she’s different now. Before she was headstrong and so invested in the torture of the Handmaids it was kind of scary. It’ll be interesting to see more of her, since even though she’s a main antagonist, she does hold some form of love for the girls she’s tortured. Maybe she’s only doing it so that they can survive, maybe she’s a hell bent cult fanatic, but either way this show doesn’t really excuse the acts of the Gilead supporters, but it finds a wonderful line in telling their tale and having us as the audience appreciate that.

Emily and Holly are also safe and sound and honestly that little snippet had me almost tear up. Can’t wait for the scene with them entering Canada with a line of people and a round of applause, it will definitely be emotional. Holly’s being looked after by Luke and it is heart warming.

Seeing June being the boss ass revolutionist in every clip of the trailer has the hype train going, and honestly it’ll be great to see as the first two seasons focused so much on torture and sadness. I’m not saying that this season will be happy, but there will be a shred of hope which is all we need to keep viewing! 🙂

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