My Favourite Tyrion Lannister Moments (136/365)

Tyrion Lannister is one of my favourite characters in Game of Thrones, he’s witty, smart and honestly he has a way of scheming that makes the audience want to root for him. He uses his position for his own gain as well as wanting to help other people, I think it was season 2 that really made me root for him. Watching him be a successful Hand of the King and honestly everytime he slapped his stupid nephew Joffrey gave me pure joy.

Tyrion is a character that has gone through a journey, he’s hated by his sister, his father a most of the realm. He’s loved and lost, he’s killed, he’s been halfway across the world and still finds a way to be a fan favourite. So here’s a complilation of all of my favourite Tyrion moments. 🙂

Tyrions Trial

Tyrions Wedding

Tyrions stops Joffrey tortuing Sansa and threatens Meryn Trant

Tyrion sending Janos to the Wall

Tyrions political games

Everytime Tyrion has slapped Joffrey

Tyrions speech at the Battle of Blackwater

Honestly I have a bias towards season 2 Tyrion as him as the Hand was a truly great experience, but I could add loads more since most of his wit and come backs make me audibly laugh.

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