The Last Time I Tried Meditation Didn’t Go So Well (143/365)

We all get adverts for the Headspace app, it claims to help with your mindfulness and generally is an intriguing app. It takes out the fuss of having to figure out how to meditate and gives you the chance to try a new thing, however since I’m an idiot I tried it in the dead of the night and it didn’t go so well.

I’d like to preface this with the fact that I’m an idiot who gets sleep paralysis and tends to be afraid of many things like demons attacking me during night time. So I don’t know why I thought trying this at night time would be fun.

So there I was, trying this meditation stuff in the night and following this apps instructions. I chose the default male voice, did the deep breathing, felt calm, relaxed and then it happened. I felt the same exact sensation that I feel before or during sleep paralysis and I was scared off my tits. Honestly, that feeling of complete calm and lack of awareness of your body (or in some cases total awareness) is what I strive to avoid at the night time. Especially when I found out that when I slept feeling like that there was a 99% chance I’d experience sleep paralysis.

Naturally since then I haven’t even attempted meditation of any form, although I do want to. I know many people who practice it and claim that it helps a lot, and honestly I feel like I’m missing out. But next time, I’ll try it during the day time.

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