Kylie Jenner’s new skincare line is out here trying to tear our skin (145/365)

If you live under a rock, don’t have any form of social media, or somehow manage to avoid the Kardashian/Jenner drama then you might not know about the controversy that Kylie has started with her new skincare line. For the most part her products seem fine, but the one product that has broken the internet is the walnut face scrub. Yes, you read that right a walnut face scrub.

Let’s just ignore the fact that we’d expect her to come out with a chemical exfoliant, but out of all the physical scrubs she could have come out with, she decided to use walnut shells. Even after all the controversy after the St Ives scrubs creating micro tears on the skin and even getting sued as a result of it.

Naturally everyone’s losing their shit since the product itself is mad, it’s 2019, everyone knows what kind of scrubs to use and what not to use. In her launch video she also said that she uses it everyday, and in that moment her skin care line lost all credibility. It’s like rule one of skincare – don’t use phsyical exfoliants every day, your skin will tear and it won’t be fun.

I’m going to personally stay away from it as I really don’t want my face to get infected or suffer from any form of micro tears. Stick to the products you know work for you, and not all phsyical exfoliants are this harsh – it’s just that walnut shells are larger and sharper. 🙂

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