Bad Things Theresa May has Done as Our Prime Minister (146/365)

Theresa May is probably one of the most hated prime ministers we’ve had in a while, and that is saying something. Britain as a whole doesn’t tend to hold love for their political leaders, but in the age of Brexit, Windrush and our ongoing homeless crisis – she’s been pretty horrific. She may be crying about her resignation, but don’t let her crocodile tears fool you, she’s still done horrible things.

The Windrush scandal was one of those things that happened and made the UK feel like it could end up becoming a totalitarian terror state quite easily. The children of the Windrush generation who were born in the Carribean and moved to the UK in the 1950’s – 60’s were literally deported after having issues with their immigration status. They’ve literally lived here most of their lives and were being sent away after the immigration laws got ridiculously strict.

You know how we joke about being ‘sent to our countries’ – well it could be happening to a lot more of us, when you consider how this was handled.

The Grenfell tower burned in 2017 and many people lost their lives tragically, you’d think after going through something horrific the PM would at least visit the victims – but no, she went to the site, but avoided the people who lived there. It was then brought to light that the issues with the cladding which causes the fire to spread rapidly were brought up by the residents many times in the years before this happened – their concerned being ignored brought about uproar.

To top it off, a lot of the victims are still living in temporary accomodation and it’s been years since it’s happened. Theresa May and her governments lack of conern literally shapes how her administration views their people from less wealthy or ethnic backgrounds – they see us as lower than human, and not worth any extra help.

Her reign generally didn’t give a shit about the poor in any way shape or form, with Universal Credit crippling many and homelessness has been on the rise – after speaking to many homeless people it’s honestly disgusting how little facilities are available for them, and how much it costs to even sleep one night in a shelter.

The NHS has also suffered massive cuts, and they’ve been running on empty for the past few years. As a result people have literally died, mental health facilities not receiving the help or support has led to a rise in everything that could go wrong and honestly the fact that our free health care felt threatened on top of this was truly worrying.

The Brexit shit show was also a mess, I don’t even know how to summarise the back and forth between them all. How every speech she gave brought about a scary form of nationalism that was somehow anti-everything that isn’t considered british. The rise of xenophobia on top of just everything that’s gone wrong has just left many people scared and afraid. There was even a whole day dedicated to ‘punishing muslims‘ in 2018 – and a radio silence from the government and police forces in response to it (thankfully local communities helped out in that case).

Let us also not forget that Brexit also threatened our medication supplies despite it being delayed, but because of the horrible deal that was presented many hospitals were afraid. So they did what anyone does when they’re scared, they stock pile medicines, which then leads to shortages, and then more panic. But the alternative would have been to not have the medicine readily available if Brexit passed in March – so either way we were screwed.

Theresa’s reign of terror may be over for now, but personally I’m afraid of who will take her place. Especially if another general election doesn’t take place, you’d rather have a public vote for these things… like how a democracy would work(!).

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