Sometimes You Need Time to Recharge – and that’s ok! (147/365)

I’ve already written a blog post about the importance of ‘me’ time, but I thought it was time to write another one because it’s so important. Sometimes the many people in your life all want to hang out with you and you can somehow end up with a whole week and no time for yourself – if you’re like me, that will drive you a little bit mad. So it’s really important to find the balance and sometimes to just say no to certain plans.

During the weeks where I honestly can’t say no, or really want to hang out with every single person I find mini ways to recharge and they save my sanity and mental health. I wouldn’t consider myself an introvert or even an extrovert, I’m somewhere inbetween which means I do need to see people to get some energy and feel useful, but when I’m around people for too long and don’t have time to myself I get drained – so it’s a lot of fun (sarcasm).

The little ways I find to recharge throughout the day aren’t the best, and I’m in no way saying I’m an expert in the art of surviving life, but if you don’t have any ways to do it, here’s some suggestions:

  • Having lunch on my own – this one’s very specific to work but if I have a lot of socialising to do, I find that having lunch alone is a nice way to recharge throughout the day without getting completely drained by the end of the day.
  • Zone out a little bit – some people might find this rude, but zoning out for even a minute helps a lot – especially if you’re feeling a little bit overwhelmed by life.
  • Listen to your favourite music at some point – this ones kind of self explanatory, but listening to your favourite music regardless of the genre can really help you find the time and energy to recharge.
  • Know that it’s ok to leave early if you’re feeling overwhelmed.
  • Understand that saying no to plans doesn’t make you an awful person.

Essentially a lot of these tips are telling you to put your mental health first, and that’s super important! What are your best tips for recharging?

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