Weird Side Effects of Prescription Medicines.. (148/365)

Unless you’ve not been following my blog or any of my social media you might not know that I have a wonderful migraine condition which makes my brain attack my pain sensors and I’ve spent a lot of time online complaining about it. They started initially in 2017 and were horrific, I went to my GP and the way of finding meds that work against it is they just give you one, hope it works, if it doesn’t, try another. This process takes a while and it’s kind of like a roullette – you just hope for the best.

Thanks to the lovely amount of experience I have with different medicines, I have also experience a lot of fun side effects that worried me to the point of true fear! I thought I’d write about it because this blog every day challenge requires a lot of weird content to keep things fresh. (Sometimes I run out of ideas..)

Apetite fluctuations

Let’s start this small, so one of my meds made me eat too much – I literally never felt full. I would eat a lot of trash as well so this led to a lot of weight gain and feeling sick.

Fun fact: Despite not feeling full, my body was still reacting to the overeating, and thanks to my coughs caused by being asthmatic I would sometimes cough up all the food I ate. So weight gain wasn’t my only problem.

Another prescription left me in the opposite state – I was rarely hungry, didn’t want to eat and honestly it was really annoying.

Fun fact: not eating regularly causes migraines, so the side effect of the medicine basically increased my chances of dealing with migraines.

Feeling loopy all the time

My brain stopped working a lot on most of the medicines I took. I honestly felt like my intelligence was going down at a rapid rate, I couldn’t string sentences together. I forgot everything, my memory was like a seive. I was generally just not functioning at all – this also led to a lot of stupid behaviour because I wasn’t all there.

The loopyness also scared me a little bit because I seemed like I was on illegal drugs when in fact this shit was prescribed to me. Also you kind of need your brain to work for work, so that was annoying since I wasn’t in control of my own ability to do my job.

Not being able to look up without getting migraines

This was a weird one, because for the longest time I thought it was because of me and not my medicines. But since being off everything this hasn’t happened as bad and honestly this was probably due to being on so many different medicines at the same time.

So basically I couldn’t look up for more than 3 seconds without being hit with a horrific migraine attack. I’d feel light headed, experience aura and then feel that horrific attack on the side of my brain (sometimes I could also feel my head pulse so that was weird).

Overall a lot of the side effects I dealt with were weird as hell, and I could probably have dealt with them if the medicine actually worked. One of the fun medicines gave me 2 whole good days out of the week – that was the most effective one. I’m not here to tell you to stop taking anything, but personally jumping off the meds was one of the best decisions I made.

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