Why Were We So Quick to Believe Tati Westbrook? (151/365)

Unless you’ve been living under a very steep rock, you might have heard about the drama that has surrounded the beauty influencer world over the past few weeks. It’s been so intense that drama channels have been covering updates daily, and honestly I admire their dedication because new things have been coming to light every single hour, let alone every day.

To sum it up, Tati Westbrook and James Charles started a war that neither of them could deal with. Tati Westbrook lit the fire of it all when she posted an Instagram video of her crying and upset over supporting someone and not receiving the same back – now let me explain for those who are confused.

Lat year Tati released her line of vitamins, and the day this drama kicked off James Charles posted an Instagram story promoting Sugarbear vitamins – her direct competition. Now in theory, if one of your close friends supports your rival without even supporting you publicly, you’d be pretty pissed off. They then went back and forth and BOOM, 40+ minute videos were made where Tati made some hefty claims against James, and we all belived her.

Now, I’m not saying she’s lying at all, and to be perfectly honest I’m not a fan of either of them – too many snakes to give a shit about. I want to discuss why we believed her allegations against James without any proof. Especially in a day and age where we demand receipts for everything.

One of the serious allegations is that James Charles is a predator – he uses his fame, power and celebrity status to take advantage of straight boys and tricks them into questioning their sexuality. She heavily implied that he went after straight boys aggressively whilst knowing that they weren’t into men – which opened up a can of worms that made us feel like he was the Youtuber equivalent of Harvey Weinstein.

Even I fell for it without the evidence and after having a conversation with a friend about it I finally realised something – when rich white women make statements everyone believes them. This has happened in the past, and honestly it’s shocking – you wouldn’t even notice it as first. It might be something to do with them being seen as ‘victims’ or the ‘bringers of truth’ I honestly don’t know, but white priveledge plays a massive role in this.

Especially for white women, we all know if influencers like Jackie Aina said the same allegations everyone would criticise it without evidence. That’s to do with women of colour being seen as inherently aggressive, even when calm. The racial stereotypes come in to play here, and honestly it’s so ingrained within us we don’t realise what’s happening.

She’s also someone who stays out of drama for the most part. She’s not Jefree Star, she stays in her lane and only steps out when her brand is in question – so naturally we are drawn to believing her. It’s like when a quiet person finally speaks after waiting for the loud people to stop shouting, you take the time to listen to them and are more likely to believe them.

At the point that I’m writing this, the drama has somewhat sizzled down. James Charles found a way to save his career and it was by finding the holes in everyones stories. He also provided evidence and has taken a break, since he’s done that Tati has removed her video and is staying quiet.

The world of influencers is honestly a shit show, and regardless of everything we need to take the information we’ve been given and look at it from both sides. Yes we have our biases, but it’s important to take into account what evidence has been provided.

Why do you think we were so quick to believe her? I’d like to make a final note saying that I’m not calling her a liar, in all honesty I still kind of beleive her, but I want evidence.

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