9 Ways to Boost Mindfulness (152/365)

I’d like to start this with a lovely disclaimer: I’m not a medical professional, all my advice is from doing my own personal research and are from methods I use in my day to day life.

Life’s busy, sometimes it get’s to the point where you feel overwhelmed and find that you’ve spent no time focusing on yourself. Especially when you add that balancing your work, social life, family and romantic partner can be difficult as you’re wanting to please everyone, but not focusing enough on finding the time to focus on your own mental health. Here are 10 tips for boosting your mindfullness throughout the day.

Spend at least 5 minutes doing nothing

Taking atleast 5-10 minutes throughout the day to sort of have a mini time out can do wonders for your mental health. Life can be busy, so spending the time doing nothing can help you refocus your scattered mind.

Take every task just one thing as a time

Some days can feel like you have to do millions of things and not enough time to do them, so taking the time and doing each task one by one helps a lot. By tackling them logically, you’ll find that you finish the overall task faster than if you’d seen it as a difficult day.

Don’t get overwhelmed by the future, just stay in the present for a bit

Thinking about the future is good, but when you start to worry about whats happening 10 years from now and getting overwhelmed you need to stop. Just stay in the moment that you’re living.

Enjoy your food

Yes, enjoy your food, take the time to savour it and make sure you eat well as well. Fast food is tasy but honestly it leaves you feeling awful, so eat good food and you’ll feel amazing.

Make sure your living space/working area is clean and tidy

A tidy space creates a tidy mind, I know there are studies out there stating that mess makes everything to do with your mindfulness worse, and from experience, tidying everything up really does help with your mental health and overall way of perceiving the task at hand.

Have a hot bath

Hot baths are amazing, they make you feel relaxed, they soothe your bones and muscles. Just do it and have fun.

Spent a good amount of time on yourself

Spend time on yourself, do tasks that are only beneficial to you and see the improvement in your mindfullness instantly. I use my skin care and hair routine as a way of implemeting this daily and it really does help.

Spend time with positive people

People’s enegry really does effect how you see the world and other people, so spending time with positve energy will help you in the long run. I’ve always said that if hanging out with someone drains me and makes me regret putting on a bra and makeup – then it’s time to let that person go.

Spend time enjoying silence

Silence is amazing, take the time to enjoy it as life can be a constant stream of noise and fuss, so whenever there is a silence, appreciate it.

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