My Top Period Tips! (153/365)

Periods are annoying, painful and downright messy – but sadly it’s something a lot of us deal with every single month. So we’re stuck with it unless we decide to have children, only then will we get a 9 month break. Or wait 40 years. So a long my journey of dealing with the painful week, I’ve gathered lots of little tips to make things easier.


Yes friends you read that right, exercise actually helps. I know it hurts, especially when your uterus is shedding but light exercise helps loads with cramps, flow and pain.

Hot water bottles

Hot water bottles are one of those things that I misunderstood for the longest time until I saw the light, and wow it helps a lot. It’s partly to do with the heat, but honestly it does wonders for my cramps, especially when I’m waiting for pain pills to kick in. I use them for first day pains every month, and even use it during work because the awkward looks are worth having the pain melt away.

Avoid chocolate/sugar

This one is sad because we tend to crave everything sweet and everything unhealthy, but sugar is something that makes cramps worse and more painful! So don’t fall for your cravings, your body is tricking you.

Take pain pills straight away

If you’re going to take your pain pills, don’t wait, make sure you’ve eaten and pop that bad boy. Because it’ll take a while to kick in, so in order to make sure it works as fast as possible don’t delay.

Prepare your period goodies

There’s nothing worse than starting your period and having nothing to use for it, you’re left bleeding and having to rush to the nearest store. So to prevent this, just stockpile your goodies, or be someone that uses a moon cup – just be prepared!

Download a period app

PERIOD APPS ARE LIFE SAVOURS. Honestly, I don’t care which one you use they all do the same thing, but they help so much, especially if you’re like me and forget what day you’re supposed to start the bleed fest. They also help track your overall cycle and you can even add pill reminders and keep an eye on your ovulation. They’re magical, download one now!

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