Keep Vacuums Away From Your Vagina (158/365)

You’d think the title would be a joke but sadly people are actually vacuming their vaginas – why you ask? To make their period end earlier.. which doesn’t make sense if you’ve ever had a biology lesson. It’s actually really dangerous and could lead to a very painful death. I know periods are horrific first hand, you get cramps, everything hurts, and honestly if it wasn’t for pain pills and hot water bottles it would drive most of us insane. But putting a vacuum cleaner in you doesn’t solve anything.


The reason this issue has been raised is because a nurse posted a tweet about it and it went viral, as two women have been hospitalised by attempting this tomfoolery.

Dr Adeeti Gupta had this to say about this whole issue and really broke down the dangers behind it. “For instance, putting the hard plastic end of a vacuum up yourself can put you at risk of perforating your uterus”.

“Part of the vaginal or uterine wall can be sucked in, tear, bleed, perforate, or cause an infection (pelvic inflammatory disease) by forcing bacteria on the outside of the perineum into the uterus.”

Essentially there are many ways this method can hurt you, including shock, when you lose a lot of blood in one go the body goes into shock. Also period blood is more than just blood, it involves uterine lining and you can’t remove that with a hoover – please don’t find other methods. The amount of blood we lose is due to the amount our body can actually handle and any attempt to fast forward this can be deadly.

“It’s shed due to carefully controlled declines in hormone levels (estrogen, progesterone), which causes a controlled bleed (menses) that the body can tolerate much more effectively than trying to suck it out with a vacuum.”

Stay safe, keep hoovers away from your vagina!

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