Should I Write More Personal Posts? (159/365)

Writing posts every single day has always been a really ambitious project, I never expected it to skyrocket, bring fame or really amount to much – I just needed an extreme excuse to write again. One thing I’ve noticed whilst browsing my lovely website is that it’s slowly become very feminist and mental health focused, without a lot of personal experience. So I’m having a mini connundrum about where to go with this, should I be focusing more on personal experience, or keep things as they are.

On the one hand, I don’t really want to discuss super personal things online or even in real life – I specifically have a limit about what I’ll tell people and once the limit has hit they won’t get any more. Part of its a defense mechanism, a lot of it is because information is power, and I’d rather not have a lot of people have that kind of information about me.

The other issue is I’m aware people I work with read this, now I don’t mind saying I’ve dealt with mental health, because it’s 2019 and if finding someone who hasn’t experienced it is rare as hell. Or they just aren’t aware of it because the stigma is very real and some people still believe that mental health isn’t that important. The whole ‘just deal with it’ attitude is very alive and real.

On the other hand a lot of social media people and anyone who promotes anything creatively online do share their personal tales. I believe a part of it is that anyone following them see’s them more as people, and to be honest it’s hard to be invested in a robot. If people don’t at least share their personality then why would anyone take the time to consume their content?

I know speaking about personal experiences is not limited to mental health, there’s a lot of other life stories and a lot of them I don’t mind writing about. Some stories are also very funny and informative as they’re tales of my personal fails and honestly it could help people not make the same mistakes.

So what are you thoughts, should I be writing more personal posts?

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