How To Deal With Difficult Men (161/365)

We all have them in our lives somewhere, some have them has family members, some experience them at work and some lucky people have managed to get rid of them, but difficult men are out here ruining our lives. Now ‘nice guys’, I know you might be triggered by this senetence and want to shout ‘NOT ALL MEN’, but we’re not talking about all men. So if you’re already offended, you’re probably one of the guys I’m about to describe.

So what is a difficult man? You might already have one in mind, the interupters, the ones who try to teach you about topics you already know about, the rude ones. The ones who also disrespect women and say the phrase ‘boys will be boys’ ‘lads will be lads’ and it won’t be sarcastic. They’re the guys you don’t feel safe with on a night out and honestly are seeped in misogynism.

So why would we deal with them instead of just throwing them in the bin? Well some of us don’t always have the luxury, especially when it comes to the work place so you have to learn how to assimilate with their nonsense without actually having to be their friends.

1 – Stay calm at all times

This ones difficult because sometimes these men come out with truly disgusting things. But if you’re a woman and you show even an inch of emotion, then you’re proving that their narrative of girls being whiny and annoying are right. So stay calm, take a breather, and if you need to not be in thier vicinity – run!

2 – Keep your distance

If at all possible you should just keep a good amount of distance away from them because their existence can be draining on your mental health. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and sometimes you just need to find a way to stay away from them.

3 – Try not to be defensive or show any anger towards them

Any anger shown towards them can just create an atmosphere of pure hostility and honestly it’s not worth the hassle. It can lead to a weird working/home life and I’d personally say from experience that it never ends up being good. To add to this, if you’re super defensive all the time it can also just lead to a lot of hassle in the future.

4 – Set a personal boundary to what you’re prepared to deal with

Setting boundaries can save you from a lot of furue annoyance, just let yourself know about what you’re prepared to deal with and in some cases you can even let the other person know. Boundaries are lovely, and it’ll help your mental health as well.

5 – Have someone you can vent about this person to

This step will help you not murder anyone, because deep breathing isn’t going to always help you. Find someone you can vent to, and complain to, just so you don’t end up exploding on the difficult man in question. Ranting is an emotional release that is super necessary.

One thought on “How To Deal With Difficult Men (161/365)

  1. Men always act difficult in certain occasions but truth to be told when it comes to women most of us are easy and honest to you ,and they hide all their downs and pains from the women ,those who are difficult to women are our fools and they deserve to treated better than this ,staying close to and good caring can heal much than.

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