Women in Anime Truly Suck (163/365)

Now I know this doesn’t apply to every single anime, but for the most part, the female characters suck. They’re usually a 2 dimensional pair of boobs, and honestly it’s just upsetting. As a kid I could overlook it because the stereotypical ‘strong girl’ was a good character in my eyes, but in all honesty those characters have no development and somehow still become a damsel in distress despite beng introducted as a strong character.

There’s just so many tales of shitty women in anime that if I wrote them all the list would be endless. In most cases they’re sidelined as either a suport or a romantic interest to the main character who starts off as a weak little boy, and in the space of 10 episodes is somehow strong, mature and is also in love with them.

I always bring up the Orihime Inoue problem in Bleach because initially she was meant to be a weak character suffering from unrequited love – which makes sense I guess. But then she got given the strongest power in the whole anime and never used it – she had the power to reject things. In most cases you’d think she’d made an attempt to learn, but no, she just never acknowledges it and continues to be the damsel in distress.

Then we have the Saber problem, I’ll refer to Fate Zero and Fate/Stay Night UBW for this one. In Fate Zero she’s introduced as the strongest servant and struggles continously throughout the whole show, I get that she suffered an injury at some point, but the fact that her human master did more damage to her enemies then she did was shocking. She wasn’t an interesting character, she just existed to intertwine both Fate series’s. They tried to give her some character development through her interactions with Diramuid, Alexander the Great and Gilgamesh, but she always came across as a naive little girl who didn’t know how to be a king.

Now the Fate/Stay Night problem.. where do I begin. So we have the strongest servant in the whole of Fukushima summoned by Emiya Shirou – an actual noob who knew nothing about his magehood. Now it’s not the fact that she struggles a lot that bothers me, or even her love interest with her former masters adopted son. It’s the fact that Emiya Shirou ends up fighting for her, protecting her and reducing her to a damsel when she’s stronger than him in every single way.

It’s honestly ridiculous because Saber could have been a super interesting character, since she struggled to let go of her past, her losses and her inability to empathise with her people. She joins the Holy Grail war with the wish of going back in time and redoing her wrongs, so essentially she has a lot going on. Sadly she just comes across as either a childish girl, or a love struck idiot.

The last issue I’ll highlight is every female character in My Hero Academia. I don’t know how they did it. but they’ve somehow made everyone woman useless in the anime, don’t get me wrong I do love the anime, but the women hurt my heart. They just exist to either fancy Midoriya, become a damsel or are just there for filler episodes/fan service. It’s upsetting because they make no impact and are honestly just a waste of potential.

I’ve been watching anime for a very long time and it’s the same old shit in most of them, and sometimes it’s just tiring to have to deal with it. Especially since there’s always a character with potential, and they’re ruined by the writers inability to write women.

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