Where X-Men Went Wrong in Dark Phoenix (170/365)

X-men is one of the franchises that I wished lived to the hype generated by the comics and cartoons. I grew up on the 90’s cartoons and later on loved X-Men Evolution, so it is a series that is near and dear to my heart, but the movies somehow find a way to fuck it up. Don’t get me wrong, First Class was an amazing film, but after that, they’ve been missing something and that’s one of the reasons why Dark Phoenix is not only bombing, but also having horrifically bad reviews. People are either telling people not to watch it because it’s so bad, or telling them to watch it so we can discuss how bad it was.

Acting wise, the film was actually good, all the actors did their best to convey emotions but the issue was there was no connection whatsoever. It felt like the romances and friendships were lost in the script, like they focused so much on making it look pretty that they forgot the most important part of watching a film – the chemistry. We didn’t even get the family vibe that X-Men is big on, it felt like everyone was a 2D parody of what they should be.

Mystiques death, which should have been a powerful moment was just funny. I can’t even describe how much I wanted to laugh when it happened, and my friends were the same. We just didn’t care, despite having multiple films that attempted to develop her character. They clearly couldn’t afford Jennifer Lawrence anymore, and it showed.

Should I even discuss the aliens? WTF was the point of them, all they did was look weird, have a few shit fights and no motivation at all. They tried to show it through the little animation of their world blowing up when they were with Jean, but as an audience they just felt random. They didn’t even do much and honestly… why have aliens if you’re not going to have another scene in space.

So Jean went all phoenix mode in Apocalypse, and somehow everyones forgotten about it…. Which is honestly weird because it would have been a great segway into the actual plot.. which comes back to the bad writing complaint.

The writing was just awful, barring Jeans moments with her dad, that was actually good. But the writing of the film kind of forgot about every inch of character development everyone had gotten in the previous films, alongside ruining any possible interest in all of the main cast. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, Scott Summers should be an interesting character, but he’s just a side chick. Charles Xaviers toxic need for acceptance and glory could have been an amazing edition but they just didn’t develop it enough for it to be a thing we cared about.

Magneto and Beast went from ‘MUST KILL JEAN’ to ‘LETS SAVE JEAN’ in 2 minutes and honestly that was just a joke. I think that was the point I finally gave up on the film actually being salvageable…

Moral of the story – don’t get the guy who ruined the previous phoenix film to direct another one. Who thought this was a good idea?

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