What Do You See When You See Graffiti? (172/365)

Graffiti is one of those things that has subconsciously become linked with inner city urban living, it’s become synonymous with danger, reckless youth and rebellion. When really it’s just another form of art, yes the tags of peoples ‘road names’ is a way of a gang marking their territory, but the rest of it is kind of amazing. Just because it’s not acheived through traditional art forms doesn’t make it any less artistic.

Yes, I agree with the ‘but it’s on public property’ debate, but then again, museums hold a lot of stolen art… so technically a lot of the art we gawk at in museums and displays don’t belong to the hosts and aren’t even given consensually. So if we’re going to criticise the morality of graffiti as art, you have to extend that thinking to all forms of art.

Now taking it back to the initial question – what do you see when you see graffiti?

Well in all honesty I’m mainly confused, because graffiti tends to be in high, obscure, hard to reach places – so I initially just want to know how someone got there and did it. Whether they’re ok and alive, and then I actually process what’s happening art-wise.

I am someone who does enjoy looking at graffiti, it’s a form of art and in most cases they look awesome, even the glorified tagging, it’s just a name but it’s done in a really nice way.

Some do look awful – I’m not going to only focus on the positives here. Some are also very weird, I don’t know what is with men and drawing penis’s but they love to do it, even in the graffiti world and it’s honestly weird. You also get the strange messages on bus or toilets, I guess that counts as graffiti, but it also counts as the weird trashy kind.

Yeh they’re not paintings hanging in a fancy museum, but that doesn’t make them any less artistic, at the end of the day someone found a canvas and created an art piece, and they should be appreciated. I personally don’t think graffiti ruins the look of areas, if anything it adds character – but I also live in the inner city, so I’m used to living in not the nicest of areas.

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