Starting a Podcast Isn’t as Easy As You’d Think (173/365)

So I started a podcast recently with two of my best friends, and even though only two episodes are up, it was kind of an emotional journey actually getting to the point of it being live. You’d think it was easy, everyone famous kind of has one, so the assumption is you just need a mic and spotify right? Wrong, it’s a lot of tech and you have to actually look into more than just the podcast itself.

Just going to shameless post the links to our podcast here before continuing with this post 🙂

Find us, the ‘Neighbourhood Trash Gang’ on Spotify, Soundcloud, Itunes and Youtube 🙂

So to begin with we focused on the concept and how it would work, we didn’t want to limit ourselves to specific topics, so we grouped together to find something that would give us freedom, but branding. That’s where the trash comes in, we’re all trash – in the modern sense. We have loads of interests and tend to get super obsessed, so with a name incorporating this it would give us the freedom to talk about whatever we want.

We then thought about the equipment, and what we would need for everything to work, and this is where shit hit the fan. Now out of everyone I can honestly say, I probably understand the equipment side of it the least. The other two in the squad were amazing and managed to find out what we needed, the difference between dynamic and condenser mics, as well as figuring out how to get the crisp sound we wanted. We even got a mixer.. it was that deep.

After many Amazon purchases of mics, wires, cables, mixers, we finally got there, we had the audio, we knew what software to use and honestly the days spent frantically searching through podcast technology was worth it. I can honestly say there are some angels on the internet who provide loads of information, and demons who tell us ‘cheap’ equipment is like £500+… we wanted to podcast on a budget. Since we’re still not sure whether this will take off, at the moment we’re in the beginning stages and honestly it is fun.

It’s not as simple as finding a mic and doing the thing, but I’d say if you’re thinking about starting a podcast – get a team, it makes life easier. Also have someone on the side sorting out the tech and how you sound, because if there’s just two of you, it won’t work. You’ll find out all of your mistakes after you’ve recorded, and the whole process will just be filled with tears.

Thankfully I’m doing this with my best friends, so it’s a lot easier, and we all have different strengths. We also all tend to be on the same wavelength when it comes to most things, and have known each other long enough to know who’s best for what.

So yeah, it’s not as simple as you’d think, but I’d recommend doing it if you want to. 2019 has been one of those years where I’ve personally been trying to do everything I’ve been putting off, it’s why I’ve been posting on this blog every single day and still going strong. So instead of just planning your projects, actually execute them, and whether it takes off or not, at least you know you tried. 🙂

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