Just White Feminist Things (174/365)

Note to readers : I’m not bashing white people, or white people who are feminists, just the brand of white feminism that only focuses on the issues that are about white people and ignore the struggles of people of colour.

So now the warnings out of the way I can be honest and hope that everyone will understand that this isn’t an attack on any race. 🙂

So let’s talk about the weird things white feminists do…

Ignoring women of colour

They love to ignore us and our issues, but when anything happens that effects them they’ll scream it loud and proud. Whilst also expecting our support, which to begin with is fucking weird.

Wage gap? – They ignore how women of colour make even less than white women.

Free the nipple? – the loudest voices for this movement never seem to cover issues like FMG or child marriages.

Jumping on racial issues but not really caring about the problems

I’m going to use makeup as a way of explaining this point because it’s the easiest way to word what I mean. So the lack of shade range in foundation has been a problem for years, it’s honestly embarassing how brands don’t want the melanin coin.

Recently, thanks to Fenty coming out with an inclusive range as their first release, there’s been a wave of people criticising other brands for catering to light skin people. Initially, white influencers didn’t really care about shade ranges or inclusivity, however they’ve recently been suddenly calling out brands…. Where was this energy two years ago?

The issue has always been an issue, and the Black and Asian community have always been vocal about it. However, because being “woke” has become fashionable, they pretend to give a shit about our issues when it’s convenient for them.

Wasteful campaigns

Have you ever looked at a campaign and thought.. why? Well that’s how I feel about a lot of white feminist ones and honestly a lot of them are wasteful and ridiculous.

Let’s look at the tampon tax campaign where women stuck pads to a wall. Yes, that actually happened. So first thoughts were, pads are expensive why on earth would you stick them to walls when there are people who are homeless/living in poverty who actually need them.

It’s taking an important issue and campaigning against it in an extremely privileged way. As much as I hate the tax, you can’t just stick pads on walls and expect them to care. Yes they want to make lawmakers uncomfortable, but there are better ways to raise awareness and bring about change.

Being disrespectful

I haven’t spoken about white girls touching my hair in a while, but I’m feminist circles it’s always these types who do it. Everyone else can grasp that petting/touching someone without consent is wrong, but these bitches… They just go on like it’s normal.

Sometimes you need to rant about things, and this is a post of me doing this, hope you enjoyed. 🙂

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