How To Tell You’re In A Toxic Workplace (175/365)

Working is something that you have to do as an adult, and through these years you end up in many different kinds of work places. With every company comes a different culture of working, some are demanding, some are very chilled out, but any can be toxic. Unfortunately I have some experience with toxic work places, and honestly it helps to know the warning signs so you can run away and find a better place.

Being overworked is an expectation

When you sign a contract for your job there’s an expectation of the amount of work you’re supposed to be doing. Now, doing above and beyond would usually get you extra recognition and lead to positive outlooks, but in toxic places that’s not the case. They expect their workers to work more hours without pay, and treat them the same as anyone else. This is toxic because you’re essentially doing unpaid work without anything good coming from it.

No recognition for hard work

Now, I’m not saying that you need to be told that you’re doing a good job every single second, however when you’re starved of any recognition for your hard work it can breed low morale. You end up feeling shit at you’re job and that kind of atmosphere can be horrific for your work life and your mental health.

Drinking = getting ahead in the job

This ones an unspoken rule in a lot of work places, that if you drink and chill with the right people you will end up getting promotions, but that’s just favouritism and inherently toxic. At the end of the day when a promotion is available it should go to the best person for the job, and not with who has sucked up to the managers.

Scary gossip culture

Everyones loves a little bit of gossip, sometimes it can be fun and generally harmless, but there are some cases when it can get scary. Some people in offices feed off of information off of people, and it can get to the point that people actively find things to use against other people. When you encounter these people your best choice is to run away.

Micromanaging staff

If you’re managing a team of people, you’re better off not trying to control every aspect of their job. When people are micromanaged it can give them the feeling of claustrophobia and can decrease productivity as a whole. If you find yourself in this kind of situation it can be toxic as your boss could accuse you of not working hard enough and the feeling of being watched all the time can actually drive you mad. Happy workers need to be people you trust to actually do the work.

Managers openly insulting staff

Yes friends, this actually happens. I’ve worked in an office where at the end of the day the boss went through a ritual of pure humiliation in the hopes that it would drive people to work better. This act not only led everyone to hating the man, but also created an atmosphere of negativity, hatred and a general lack of motivation for actually working. No one likes to be insulted, especially out in the open, and no one should have to deal with that.

High turnover

If you’re working in a place where it’s normal for people to leave, especially when high volumes of people leave – run. There’s usually a reason for this, and it’s not the people leaving.

At the end of the day it works in everyones favour to have a happy and positive working environment. People work harder when they’re happy, and thats good for all levels of management, so we need to work to stop normalising toxic working environments.

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