Arguing with Racists Can Be Exhausting (178/365)

I’ve had many times where I’ve argued the good fight, against racism, sexism, homophobia but sometimes it gets bloody tiring and we lose the will to actually fight. I’m known as pretty argumentative in my circles of friends, and to be perfectly honest a big reason I studied Politics and Sociology in University is because I love a good debate.

Arguing for the basic human rights of everyone regardless of gender, race and sexuality can be exhausting. People hit you back with their ridiculous counter arguments, and honestly it makes you begin to question the sanity of humanity alongside why people care so much.

I don’t condone ignorance or anyone trying to actively hurt anyone based these things, but if you don’t like them, do you need to shout at them? Do you have to make their lives a living hell? Logically no one is actually hurting you and by making their personal life your business it just makes you out to be a hateful person.

Why take the extra time to make someones life a living hell?

My counter argument for any of the hate is usually just along the lines of the fact that everyone deserves to live a life with equal rights and opportunities. Yet somehow this concept baffles a lot of people, and when you go back and forth about something like this it’s hard to detach yourself from the situation. Especially as a minority, I’m black, I’m a woman, and I might not be a good or practicing muslim but I do still count myself as one. Because of that I have lived the life of receiving backlash for every single intersection I belong to and it’s honestly disgusting.

Most people who happily debate these things are usually people from places of privilege. They can casually debate it because it’s not their life. They have a level of distance to find it fun in some sick sense and can look at articles about racism without getting vivid flashbacks.

Yes playing devils advocate can be helpful in understanding the different arguments within each debate, but sometimes playing this role can be damaging to someones mental health. Also side note: sometimes the devils advocate is also a twat who will call people emotional for having an emotional response to the situation, and that not only dehumanises the situation, but silences the voices of those who have experienced it.

You can’t blame someone for getting emotional about debating racism if they’re from a BME background – they’ve probably experienced racism and it’s not fucking fun. It’s also not the kind of racism that you’d think, we still live in a hateful fucking world, so get off your high horse and take a look at it.

I think after having a certain amount of debates about these topics you mentally lose the plot. So when racist things happen, don’t criticise people of colour who are vocal about racism for not speaking out about specific attacks,. They probably don’t agree with it, but they’re also tired about having to live a life of constantly screaming about racism, and not seeing anything happen.

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