It’s Been Half a Year of Posting Every Day (182/365)

It’s been a journey…

When I initially started this journey of daily blogging I did it for banter. I’ve always loved writing and thanks to adult life I haven’t had a lot of creative outlets, so being the ‘all or nothing’ kind of person that I am, I wanted to start a blog. The year was coming to an end, and the concept of posting things every day has been interesting to me. Especially as you can keep track of how many things you post, and it’s a challenge that won’t be easy.

I did think about the negatives as it’s a lot of dedication, and balancing the website alongside my social life would inevitably get in the way. Thankfully there’s only been two close calls, and one post that was even written and published at 11pm (if you can guess it you get a cookie). I knew I would struggle to do it and that was the point, and by publicly stating the challenge I knew I had to then actually try to do it.

When it was initially announced I thought I’d last a month, maybe three months top and then give up, but somehow I’ve managed to keep doing this. Which is honestly impressive if I do say so myself, purely because doing anything publicly creatively every day is difficult, let alone trying to juggle this with my life and my other creative projects.

I’m glad I’m doing this, even if I don’t succeed, sometimes you have to just put yourself out there and try. Especially as I felt like I was getting stuck in a rut of telling people I wanted to write more, but didn’t actually do anything. Which is common, it’s a weird thing we all just accept, everyone saying they want to do things, but then making no actions to actually do it. I’m not trying to offend anyone with that statement by the way, but you have to admit there is some truth to it.

Anyway, this post is sort of just a celebration of a milestone, because 182 days of consistent posting is a personal acheivement I wanted to share with you guys šŸ™‚

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