I Tried Pre Workout and It Messed Me Up (185/365)

Yes friends I tried it, that devils caffeinated supplement powder that apparently gives you amazing workouts – well it’s not that bad. I feel like if you don’t have a migraine condition then you can proceed to use it, but be cautious because it could still fuck you up.

So it was a Sunday, I missed my boxing class and needed to work out, my good friend provided the temptation and I thought ‘fuck it, why not’. Now don’t get me wrong, it worked like a charm at the time, we were able to do a complete 2hr+ workout without any breaks and we did everything – cardio, weights, circuits, resistance, we went mad. The thing is, we still had energy for more after that but we decided to stop because we didn’t want to completely fuck up our bodies.

So I get home, still buzzing with energy, I manage to get some things done, and then go to sleep. That’s when I realised I fucked up – I’d like to preface this with the fact that I usually sleep like a baby. I was basically an insomniac for most of my teenage years and early twenties, and in the past year I’ve perfected my night time routine. But on that dreaded Sunday night I couldn’t sleep, I kept waking up when I did drift to sleep and had a lot of really weird dreams. So you might be wondering, what’s so bad about a rough night of sleep? Well friend, if you have chronic migraines, you’re basically fucked the next day.

So we get to Monday, I make it into work, head killing, no sleep and that’s when I knew the day was kind of a right off. It doesn’t help that it’s really hot everywhere as well, I just couldn’t function. I still somehow managed to do work and honestly I don’t know how or even remember what I did, but I knew I was almost having a migraine reminiscent of 2017, which was the year my brain decided to attack.

It took until around 6 in the evening for me to realise why I felt so awful, I thought it might have just been the lack of sleep, but it was also the pre workout. Caffeine tends to be a ‘proceed with caution’ ingredient for migraine sufferers, small amounts can help us a lot but large amounts destroy our mental capacity, and pre workout is basically just a shit tonne of caffeine and other things in a powdery concoction. That mixed with my lack of sleep and the heat created a triangle of doom, I didn’t even fully recover until halfway into Tuesday.

So the moral of this story is to research things before you try them, and maybe don’t take a ‘fuck it’ mentality when it comes to your health. I was an idiot and I paid the price, next time I’ll rely on food for energy instead.

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