Gross Shit People Do In The Workplace (187/365)

For those of you who haven’t worked in an office environment, then you might not know about this, but people are fucking disgusting. I’ve been in many different working environments but the one that revealed the disgusting nature of humanity. I have openly ranted about this to many people in person, but not enough on this blog, and since blogging about serious things every day is a challenge – here’s my mini rant.

Not wash their hands

Yes, you read that right, people don’t wash their fucking hands. I wish this was a joke, but it’s not, I’ve watched some girls go to the toilet, do their business and then leave without washing their hands. It’s truly disgusting and honestly I am shocked every time this happens. People also opt for the two second hand wash and think it’ll wash away the germs.

Not cover their mouths when they cough

This irratates me because honestly I have asthma, I’m already prone to getting ill and when I do it’s not fun. So when people have the audacity to cough and not cover their germs with their mouth it pisses me off. It’s like they don’t know how bacteria spreads and honestly how can grown adults not know these basic things. It’s just inconsiderate and honestly it upsets me as well.

Scratching themselves

Yes, men do this, it’s gross – PLEASE STOP!

Looking down your chest whilst speaking to you

Every workplace has at least one creep, and everyone usually knows who that creep is – in some cases there’s multiple. Creeps do many gross things, but one that happens a lot in the work place is when they look down at your chest openly without even trying to hide it. You can’t even tell them to fuck off as well because it would be deemed ‘rude’.

At the risk of writing too much on this issue as I’m writing it the day it needs to go live and honestly daily posting means that details are sometimes sacrificed, here’s some honourable mentions:

  • Cooking/heating up fish (it smells, sorry, I love fish but be careful)
  • Picking their spots/nose in public
  • Coming in to work when they’re horrificly ill
  • Biting pens that aren’t theres
  • Going bare foot… no… wear shoes plz
  • Not wearing deodrant/perfume

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