Not Everything You Do Needs To Be Meaningful (188/365)

Life can get tough sometimes and honestly a lot of the time its overwhelming. We get fed loads of ideas of the life we’re supposed to live and certain achievements that we need to have done at certain ages, then on top of that movies like ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ have us conned into the idea of every moment being a deep and meaningful experience – which is absolute crap.

Yes, life does have lovely moments and honestly there’s a lot of amazing things out there – but the need for everything to have a deeper meaning is really bad for the mental health. It leaves loads of people in this weird slump if they’re not having those kind of encounters as often as their friends (who probably also write the whole story on Facebook). Honestly take everything as it comes, but also give yourself the time to breath and live in the mundane activities.

Everyone has to cook, clean, sort finances, go to the toilet and generally just do loads of things that aren’t considered meaningful – unless you get an epiphany in the middle of peeing.. We need to be more fair to ourselves and give ourselves the benefit of the doubt. We all experience life differently, and just because people are putting their crazy moments all over social media, don’t take that as a sign that you’re not doing enough – you are.

Life has enough pressue without us trying to make every single little thing into an inspirational tale. Take the mundane with the extraordinary and accept that life is a culmination of both. 🙂

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