10 Relatable Millennial Haiku’s (190/365)

Our generation. 
They say we are spoiled rotten
But once so were they. 

Selfies in the night 
Not enough light for duck lips
Only seven likes 

We are exhausted now. 
Will we ever not be tired? 
Maybe when we’re dead.

A Picture of food
A selfie with tons of tags
This is instagram.

No status update
Nothing witty to speak of
There are no hashtags.

I’m not a hipster
I need these glasses to see
I’m legally blind

I don’t quite get this. 
Let’s check wikipedia 
I still don’t get it. 

Back in the nineties
A hashtag was a symbol
Which stood for numbers

The signal is down
There are no bars on my phone
I feel so alone

Think on our childhood. 
We had the best TV shows.
Yellow sponges rule. 




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