My Weird Online Obssessions (195/365)

With the rise of social media, online videos and the internet generally taking over our lives, we have had to come to terms with a lot of things, one of those is that our online habits say a lot about us. Honestly there’s a lot we hide as a generation purely because we know how to hide our search history, but sometimes I have conversations with people about their online habits and it’s really interesting. So here’s a lovely list of some of my weird online habits. 🙂

  1. Watch skin care videos, and reactions by skin care influencers to other peoples skin care routines.
  2. Going to any shopping site, selecting a lot of items, and then closing the tab.
  3. Reading conspiracy theories – new favourite is how birds have been replaced by drones.
  4. Occasional stalking sprees – this was more of a 2010 – 2015 thing in all honesty.
  5. Gurugossip, because once you follow one thread, you can’t just stop reading it.
  6. Creating ‘plan to watch’ anime lists that I have no intention of actually getting through straight away.
  7. Research for blog ideas – because they lead me on to some weird websites.
  8. DIY skin care/hair care.
  9. I tend to watch a lot of scenes of shows I love on YouTube, but I won’t watch a whole episode, just a bunch of scenes.

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