Stop Calling Us Snowflakes (196/365)

I recently had a conversation with my friend about this topic and it has inspired me to debunk the nonsense that is calling our generation the ‘snow flake generation’. So old timers, baby boomers and anyone 40+ love using this phrase to talk about teenagers and young adults, they throw it around like a dirty word and generally look down on us as a whole. The word snowflake is synonimous with:

  • Entitlement
  • Lazyness
  • Being overly sensitive
  • Not knowing the value of hard work
  • Not being educated
  • Being fickle

So let’s debunk why we’re not snowflakes but we’re hard workers who have been sold a difficult hand. Firstly the ones who call us snowflakes because we’re ‘overly sensitive’ are the same people who get mad whenever they see a rainbow on any branding, they get so but hurt when it comes to LGBT rights it’s actually a joke. Let’s not even get started on their reactions to womens rights and the rights of POC – they’re the loudest ones rioting against basic human rights. So who’s overly sensitive?

You also can’t call us entitled when we’re not entitled to shit, I can only speak as a child of immigrant parents, but the world honestly doesn’t owe me shit. I’ve had to work my ass off to get through education, with less help as my parents were super busy trying to live in this harsh world, and gettting a job when you’re name is obviously ethnic is a special level of hell in the United Kingdom. You can’t call us entitled when your generation destroyed the economy, you also found employment easier and were able to buy houses a lot cheaper. I’m not saying we can’t do those things, we can, we just have to plan a lot more.

Re-read my section on education and then tell me we don’t work hard, school is getting more difficult every single day and honestly it’s getting to the point that anxiety is common. It’s not something that only a few experience, it’s a shared experience by many children and a lot of them grow up and have panic attacks regularly. We all have to work hard for every inch of ground that we walk on, we’re not lazy, we’re over worked, stressed and honestly we need a break, but we can’t.

Also another point, our generation is bringing about new businesses and innovations to adapt to our technological society. We are literally paving the way for the youngsters right now and trying to also make to world physically and socially a better place!

We get called fickle because we’re seen to be unreliable and not trustworthy with employment, when in reality I know many people with a side hustle or a second job alongside their regular 9-5. We’re a generation that will work in the day and then continue in the night with our extra projects in order to acheive our dreams. We’re not fickle, we’re multi taskers!

The people who call us snowflakes are the real snowflakes, they’re threatened by us, by the world that is changing and by their lack of personal growth.

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