10 Life Lessons We Keep Forgetting (199/365)

We’ve reached that point in my ‘blog everyday project’ where I’m posting lists again because life gets busy and honestly list posts can sometimes have substance. When thinking of ideas about what to write I wanted to go for my more nerdy routes, but no one reading my website really cares about the nerdy stuff – you all want lifestyle/social justice posts. So here’s a list of weirdly wonderful life lessons that I’ve learnt first hand. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Actions have consequences, and then those also have consequences. It’s basically a snowball of consequences.
  2. No one really has everything all figured out, we’re mostly winging it.
  3. Most of us are either pretending to be really confident, or are actually confident – you’ll never really figure it out.
  4. Fake it till you make it, then fake it even more.
  5. Surround yourself with likeminded motivated people. As much as we love our party animal friends, they’re not the type of people to plan ahead of encourage good life decisions.
  6. Work drama is not worth the hassle – abort.
  7. Always manage your finances, and prioritise paying your bills over that fancy meal/pint.
  8. People who lie to themselves will lie to you.
  9. Drink more water.
  10. You always have time to do what needs doing, you just need to re-prioritise how you’re using it.

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