I Had To Teach Myself To Stop Comparing Myself To Others… (201/365)

Lifes all about the journey, not the destination.. right? Well it took me a very long time to actually understand what this meant. When I was younger and in school I honestly didn’t pay much attention to what was around me, or even most of the people, but through age came awareness, and there are certain things that people achieved early on that filled me with loads of jealousy.

No, we’re not talking about marriage and children. 🙂

So, I think it was around university time that this really hit me, people got jobs, connections and generally seemed like their life was in order. Obviously I mainly knew this through conversations or intense social media stalking but I was oblivious to how people only show their best face online, I didn’t take into account that they had different sides and struggles that weren’t online.

So seeing all of this fucked me up a little bit, I won’t lie or wrap this in bubble wrap. I basically felt like a fuck up for a very long time, especially since I made no progress in achieving my dreams, my goals or anything I actually wanted to do. I was watching other people do this through a rose coloured lens, and the comparison drained me.

It took a while to snap out of this, to understand that everyone is different. We’re all meant to go through different things, struggles and accompolishments. We also need to give ourselves credit when it’s due, we need to congratulate ourselves and acknowledge our milestones, because when you end up in the hole of comparisons you really neglect your own success.

Most of my early twenties got sucked up because of this, and honestly I wish someone slapped some sense into me earlier. So this is a friendly reminder, don’t compare yourself to other people, give yourself credit and honestly be happy with yourself and your life, because we’re not living a life to be measured against societies measure of success, but in your own measure. Sometimes even little things like helping another person, or smiling, or doing an errand can be something to be proud of. Massive success is built upon small wins piling up together. 🙂

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