Going To The Gym With Chronic Migraines (202/365)

I’m quite open when it comes to my migraine condition, a big part of the reason why is because I can’t hide it. Whether it’s with work colleagues or my close friends, at some point they’ll happen, and I’ll need to explain everything. Especially when it comes with aura, one of my major symptoms is clumsyness and slurred speech so as someone who is quite articulate, it’s very noticable. Anyways, moving on, this post isn’t about that, it’s about going to the gym with this condition and how I’ve been finding it.

Honestly one of the reasons I was scared to start beoming more physically active is because of the fact that it can trigger a migraine, and honestly I didn’t want to deal with that. But, I’m getting older and I know for a fact I needed to start prioritising my health because I was starting to gain a few punds and I wasn’t feeling my best health wise.

So, going to the gym has weirdly helped a lot with my migraines. If I’m feeling groggy or anything like that a good workout tends to keep me functioning throughout the day and night. It’s also helped a lot with my mental health and my overall self confidence, but one thing I’ve found is that I need to drink more water to compensate for the water lost during excercise – and when I don’t take that into account it fucks me up.

I started a lovely boxing class that took place on Sundays, and there was a correlation with those classes and my brain not working for the first half of the week. I loved the classes, they were really good, but in order to continue them I know for a fact that I need to take more precautions and take everything that I eat and drink into account.

Living with a migraine condition isn’t easy, but in all honesty once you find the balance you can do things everyone else can – I just fucked it up by forgetting this important fact. So I’m definitely going to continue going to the gym and do more to be physically fit, but in order to do this properly I’ll need to balance everything out accordingly.

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