Your Favourite Superhero Says A Lot About You (203/365)

This is one of those topics thats hard to articulate so I really shouldn’t be writing about it, but here I am making an attempt. So we all have had the conversation about everyones favourite superheroes, whether you’re into Marvel or DC, you’ve either been a part of or witnessed many debates. Most people pick their favourite superhero at a young age, and once they’ve picked their one they rarely let go.

So through all of the conversations I’ve had with people I’ve realised that their favourite superhero says a lot about them as a person. Whether it’s related to who they look up to, who they relate to or even who they want to become, it will show you a lot about how they view the world. Especially since most superheroes have a lot of specific personality traits assigned to them.

For example, X-men or Spiderman fans love an underdog story. The X-men are actively hated by society for them being mutants, and Spiderman is a nerdy teenager who gets bullied a lot. Fans of both either have faced a lot of negative energy from the world, or route for the people who are seen as unfit, weak and outcast from society.

When you extend it to heroes like Batman and Iron Man, in a lot of the cases it’s not about relating to the heroes as a lot of the fans aren’t as rich and powerful as them. It’s more about their personality traits and what they’ve overcome in their journeys. Some of it’s superficial, that’s for sure, but honestly it’s more than that. They’re both confident, powerful and despite being in a position where they could ignore the struggles of the common person, they don’t. They still fight to help people and in some cases go against the law to do it.

If you’re not someone who has a distinct favourite hero, but love many then I’d assume it’s the culmination of your loved heroes that will then show what you aspire to be, look up to etc. I know it’s not as clear cut as I’ve stated but through personal experience I’ve honestly found it interesting to weigh up people’s personalities alongside their favourite superheroes.

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