So A White Woman Is Claiming She Invented Silk Bonnets.. (205/365)

If I had a pound for every time a white person claimed to invent something that BME people have been using for decades/centuries I would be a multi-millionaire. So it’s happening again, but this time it’s with silk satin bonnets, which we use to keep out hair freeze free and to reduce breakage. They’ve been around for decades and it’s nothing new, but a white woman is now claiming she’s invented them in 2019..

So who’s the culprit – Sarah Marantz Lindenberg who founded the company NiteCap. She’s said “my concept came out of a problem that needed solving”.. “I was preparing for my wedding and, like a lot of brides, wanted everything to be perfect. My skin was breaking out and I have quite long hair. I like the way it looks the second or third day after washing, so I don’t wash it every day. A dermatologist recommended that I sleep with my hair pulled back. Another physician recommended I try silk scarves, and I had fun playing around with them but they didn’t stay on. I did notice, though, that my skin cleared up from not having my hair on my face.”

I just love how every time this happens they claim that they’re the sole inventor and always ignore the things that POC use, she could have saved herself some backlash if she had just acknowledged its roots of the bonnet.

The backlash doesn’t stop there, she’s also selling these products for $100 – yes, you read that right. In the UK you can literally find these under £5, but of course this woman decided that she must sell it for a extortionate amount because she’s the inventor of it.

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