Are We Losing Our Ability to Connect? (206/365)

There’s a lot of shows out there of every genre focusing on human connection and how technology has changed the way we form them. There’s been a trend recently focusing on the impact of how difficult it’s become and how an increase of technology has led to a sharp decrease in human connection as a whole. It’s like society is somehow becoming emotionally constipated with the implementation of more barriers between us, whether it’s through screens or not I personally find it interesting.

I was having a conversation with one of my friends and some new friends we made out and about and we all agreed that somehow we’re losing out ability to connect with one another as a society. We will have conversations with people but they won’t feel real, the rise of small talk and a lack of intimacy has really left us in a bubble and that bubble increases the chance of peoples mental health deteriorating.

Superficial conversations are becoming the majority of our lives, there’s only so many times you can talk about the weather or pretend to care about someones weekend before you go a little bit crazy. The absence of meaningful conversations and a safe place to talk about your thoughts and feelings is leaving us absent of what we really need to function. Humans are inherently social beings, so whether you’re introverted or extroverted you do need social interactions to function, it’s why solitary confinement is an effectively evil punishment.

As a society we’re losing this, and it’s showing. Mental health issues are on the rise, and people are losing what makes them function. I don’t mean to sound like an ignorant baby boomer, but back in the days where people had less barriers of communication, they were functioning slightly better. This isn’t really a post where I can make a general fix or sweeping statement on how to fix this, just a topic that’s come up, and I wanted to highlight that we do need to put more effort into having meaningful conversations/interactions otherwise we will go crazy.

I blame the fact that I watched Maniac this week, great show, but very deep and a lot of the issues highlighted this very issue.

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