It’s 2019, Can we Put Blackface in the Trash? (207/365)

It’s actually annoying how this is still an issue today and many don’t see the issue with it. It’s practiced with halloween costumes, movies and even fashion campaigns and honestly it’s a joke. It’s a joke because people still don’t get that the practice of black face is fucked up. They don’t understand the racial implications of painting yourself darker as a costume. Fashion brands will hire a lighter model and paint her dark before using a darker skinned woman, and it’s already hard enough getting jobs when you’re darker in the industry!

We can’t win, and the societal impact of it all is draining POC everywhere – every time we argue about it we use a lot of energy, and when things finally seem like they’re changing, it happens again.

So what’s sparked this blog post, well it happened again. I was innocently browsing Instagram and then I was face with this nonsense. Pakistani model Zara Abid is the face of a new campaign by ‘Hello Pakistan’ celebrating dusky skin and the team decided to darken her to the extreme and take aspects of African culture for it. The caption reading  “dusky skin steals heart,” just adds insult to injury.

This is Zara in her natural skin tone.

And this is her after …

If you wanted to capture darker skinned beauties… why not just hire a darker skinned woman?

Thankfully this has sparked outrage and everyone see’s how this is wrong in every level. This editorial is seeped in ignorance and honestly has shown how despite social change happening online, in certain industries they’ll still actively partake in racism and blackface without a second thought.

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