My Weird Relationship With Spirituality (208/365)

Social media is an honest to God saviour when it comes to this blog every day challenge as I do run out of ideas and sometimes life just happens. So this is also written on my phone, so there will be more spelling mistakes than usual.

So l, spirituality is one of those weird things that I don’t really talk about openly because it requires a lot of deep conversation and personal connection and you might have guessed it but I don’t like having those conversations with everyone, only a select few people.

Even though I’m not religious I’ve always been weirdly connected to something, whether it’s due to my weird dreams, lucid hallucinations or ridiculous amounts of sleep paralysis, but it’s hard for me to honestly believe that there’s nothing out there beyond what we see. Firstly the world is too complex to believe that nothing exists beyond anything, and I think growing up with religion has always reinforced this belief.

It’s strange to see shocked reactions when I tell people I do believe in God, because I never openly deny His existence, nor do I insult it. I think there’s an assumption linked with Somali girls who don’t wear the hijab, and honestly it’s two dimensional nonsense.

Beyond this my relationship with anything spirituality is weird, because I do have mental conversations with the beyond, actively believe in it and generally like to stay in tune with it all. I have a lot of vivid dreams and in some cases recurring dreams that are scary and not fun, they always involve an attack of some sort but I’ve managed to find ways to deal with it.

I guess this post is going to stay a little superficial due to my inherent weirdness when it comes to discussing this topic.

What’s your relationship with spirituality?

11 thoughts on “My Weird Relationship With Spirituality (208/365)

  1. Even though this might be a filler piece as part of your 365 blog challenge I must admit I enjoyed this piece. I grew up in the Baptist faith, but after spending my earlier years in college studying the three main religion as a whole I’ve transitioned my beliefs from a structural religion to a more spiritual sense of life.

    Recently I’ve been doing a lot of research around ancient Africa spirituality. More specifically, understanding the moral order of Ma’at and maintaining balance in my life.

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      1. Yeah you should look into Ancient African History as a whole. You’ll be amazed at how little you actually know

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  2. Aw I’m glad you took in my suggestion! And I’d say that my relationship with spirituality is… interesting lol. I always think about god and talk to myself about god in my head. It does make me ponder and somewhat motivates me too on days when I’m feeling a little lost.

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