Let’s Focus On A Little Bit Of Happiness.. (209/365)

Life can be overwhelming, sad things happen all of the time and it’s everywhere you can’t avoid it. For our societal mental health we sometimes need to force ourselves to focus on the positive otherwise we won’t leave the house, now I internally cringe whenever people use the term ‘positive vibes’ online, but sometimes you have to spread positive vibes.

So lets focus on the happiness in the world for a little bit. Which i know is difficult, the world is actually ending, we have Boris as our PM, and America is run by a racists iidiot BUT there are good things happening in the world. Life expectancy has gone up, child mortality has gone down, the extinction rebellion movement is gaining momentum, millions of people actually went blue for Sudan. There are good things happening, and sometimes you need to shine a light on them.

Personally I know I have good things to focus on. As an adult I have many close friends who I can call for help and life advice, and honestly being able to say that sentence with complete confidence is rare for many out there. I have a job, I have support and that’s enough. I know I could sit in a corner and cry about the negatives out there but honestly we have to sometimes put them in a corner.

Being mentally upset about the sad won’t help anyone, you can’t change the world in a horrible mental state, so take the time and appreciate what you have. Don’t wait until something/someones gone to appreciate them.

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