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Check In On Your Friends (213/365)

Sometimes you need to just check in on your friends, it doesn’t matter how they seem or if they look like they’re ok, you’ll never really know unless you ask. By asking I don’t mean the polite “how are you”, I mean actually sitting them down and asking about they’re wellbeing and mental health. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how happy someone seems, you’ll never really know unless you check in on them.

Also check in on you “strong friends”, those are the ones who might have been dealt a shitty hand but somehow manage to power through it all – I can guarantee that they need the extra help. The more someone in your circle deals with, the more time they need to process it all. Even if they’re doing wonderful, I’m sure they would appreciate someone taking the time to check in – it shows that you care.

So this post isn’t a long one, it’s just a reminder – check in on your friends please 🙂


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