Weird Struggles of Daily Blogging (216/365)

So if you haven’t been following my lovely daily blog then you might not know, but I’ve challenged myself this year with writing a blog post every single day of 2019. Which sounds crazy, I know, but I wanted to get back into writing and the only way my brain would do it is through a ridiculous challenge that was announced publicly.

Now, with daily challenges comes some weird struggles and if you have your shit together it can be a fairly smooth experience, but I’m an idiot and human. Therefore the struggle has been real for a while now.

One struggle is coming up with ideas that are actually interesting, because what I find interesting might not be the same for my audience. I noticed people preferred my deeper posts that are about mental health, racism or adult life, whereas my nerdy posts tank. No one really reads the posts about anime or manga, even though they are near and dear to my heart.

Another weird struggle is that people I work with read my posts, which means I have to control what I write to an extent. I wouldn’t really write many indirect posts about my current workplace, but at the same time I feel a bit weird writing as heavily about racism when my workplace is very white, and not the kind that are open when it comes to discussing these kind of issues.

I’ve basically developed a weird fear about being made redundant because of the topics I write about, which I know isn’t strictly legal, but I still feel the need to watch my back.

One of the funniest things I’ve experienced is writing posts on the go, because it brings out the ratchet and ranty side of me. Especially when I’m writing on a phone, the filter just goes away and the spelling mistakes are hear to stay.

I may or may not have written a few cheeky posts during work hours and have tried to hide it from anyone who is near me, which is kind of funny because I’ll quickly change tabs on my laptop and it always look suspicious.

Daily blogging for the most part is really fulfilling and I’m honestly surprised I’ve been sticking to it at all, let alone for 200+ days.

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