BBC Need To Research Islam Before Making Documentaries (218/365)

Another day, another scandal caused by ignorance. This time it’s the BBC allowing documentaries and stating that a vital part of prayer is an ISIS Salute.. Yes you read that right, Stacey Dooley said this with complete confidence. Now, I’m not saying that she needs to know how to pray or anything like that, but she needs to get her facts right and double check her information, especially when you run the risk of offending a whole religion by conflating them with a terrorist organisation.

So she essentially said that the gesture during prayer where one raises their finger (Tawhid) was the ISIS salute, which is a disgusting and horrific mistake to make in all honesty.

The BBC have issued an apology, but it’s too little too late in my honest opinion. ISIS aren’t just a threat to the West, they’re actively killing muslims in the East, they’re not practicing Islam in any way shape or form and the fact that mainstream media still has the audacity to spread these lies is a joke.

Fix up!

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