Unspoken Curly Hair Rules (226/365)

In case you missed it my hair is naturally curly, for anyone who uses the ‘type’ system, I’d say my hair is 3a and I don’t know what kind of porosity. I’ve been wearing it natural for almost 6 years now and in that time I’ve watched curly hair bloggers, learned from them and realised a lot of their tips are nonsense. I’ve tried it all, except the inversion method – that’s just stupid. In this time I can safely say I have a few tips and tricks that can help your hair thrive, or at least grow without breaking off.

Leave your hair alone

Yes, you read that right. Sometimes the excessive braiding and styling really fucks your hair up, and those ‘protective styles’ are causing it to break even more than usual. If anything it speeds up any form of hair damage and you’ll regret it years down the line.

L.O.C/L.C.O doesn’t work for everyone

The famous L.O.C (liquid, oil, cream) method has been hailed as sacred to many curly girls out there, and for many of them it truly works. Personally my hair hates it, and I don’t even bother with it anymore. It used to work once upon a time, but as I’ve grown, my hair texture and reactions to products have changed, so I’ve adapted my routine to what suits it and at the moment it’s a weird routine. I use my leave in conditioner (which is basically gel-like) and use conditioner after, and it works, I don’t know why, but it does.

Pick your wash day based on how your scalp is feeling

I don’t care about the ‘wash every week/ 2 weeks’ rule, if your scalp is feeling gross even after oiling it, you’re probably due a wash day. Curly hair tends to be drier which is why we can’t wash our hair everyday, but if your scalp is hurting, just do yourself a favour and wash it (or even co-wash it). Scalp health is always slept on when it really should be the focus as your hair literally grows out of it, so a healthy scalp would lead to healthy hair.

The older your hair is, the better your bun will look

I blame curly hair bloggers for making me think my hair would look good in a bun straight after washing it. Spoiler alert it doesn’t, it’s small, flat and sometimes difficult to actually form the bun, but when its day 3+ hair, the bun is big, lively and generally just looks better.

Also try to put your hair in a bun when its dry, you can slick the perimeter with water, but the if the ends of your hair are dry, your bun will look the best.

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