Don’t Say This To Your Friend Who’s Depressed (230/365)

Mental health issues are something that’s difficult to talk about and to navigate, especialy when you’re just learning about how to effects your day to day life. At some point you’ll have someone confide in you about their thoughts, their feelings and their mental health and in those moments it’s always important to be understanding, and try to be there for them. Obviously sometimes you feel like you need to give your opinions, but in some cases there are some things you just don’t say, things that don’t seem hurtful but are awful and inconsiderate.

I understand sometimes people say things and it comes from a place of ignorance, and I’ve definitely been there, but if someone does call you out on it, try to not be defensive and just understand their side of things.

  1. It’s all in your head
  2. Just sleep it off
  3. Snap out of it
  4. Cheer up/Just smile
  5. How can you be depressed when <insert someone with a worse situation> exists
  6. Stop feeling sorry for yourself
  7. It could be so much worse
  8. You don’t look depressed
  9. You should go for a walk
  10. Just try to feel better

The common denominator to all of these statements is that they’re dismissive of how the other perosn is feeling. It takes depression as something that can be dealt with immediately and that it’s not a serious mental health condition. By dismissing someones condition you’re essentially making it worse, I’m not saying it’s your duty to be there 100% for every single person you know with depression, but if someone does take the time to confide in you, just listen and validate their emotions.

Sometimes people don’t understand how each of these statements cut deep and that’s why I’m writing this. A lot of the time, if someone is confiding to you about their depression then they’re in a really low place, but they’ve also come to terms with a lot of things. It’s never a case of just them telling every single person about their emotions, they’re in need and sometimes it’s a cry for help. So if something dismissive is said it could literally hit them in a way that could be dangerous.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Say This To Your Friend Who’s Depressed (230/365)

  1. How would you suggest approaching a friend that has depression? It is easy to assure your friend you are there for them but when you both lead busy lives on two ends of the world it gets very difficult. And even then advices seems mediocre as your not in their situation and are not experiencing their struggles so you do not fully understand them. And sometimes its about things that you cannot change like family.


    1. Hmm thats a difficult one and it differs between people, I guess taking time to speak to them, letting them know you’re there and sometimes it’s just about listening to people. I’m not a professional and I do struggle with this a lot myself, I hope things get better and easier for your friend.


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