Just Period Shaming Things (231/365)

Period shame is one of those things that on the surface is illogical. Half of the world goes through it, the other half of the world knows about it, but they continue to shame everyone. Which leads to a general lack of education when it comes to periods and also little children being afraid or feeling dirty, and honestly it’s just horrible attitude. I’ve written about the notion of shaming already, so now I’m going to list all the ways we act out period shaming, but in a light way because the reality is just sad.

  1. Whispering when asking for pads, or generally trying to do the exchange in secret, it’s almost like how people pass drugs around in clubs, but very legal, and kind of ridiculous.
  2. Using phrases like ‘time of the month’ to hide the actual thing you’re going through, because the notion of anyone actually hearing the word period is somehow worse than the fact that we use stupid phrases to hid them.
  3. Feeling too shy to use a hot water bottle in public because even though it helps, it’s a massive sign that you’re possibly BLEEDING.
  4. Laughing off peoples disgusted reactions to periods of bleeding, or anything to do with the monthly cycle.
  5. Laughing off when people say ‘oh well she must be on her period’, because the idea that your behaviour is a reaction to their stupidity is just baffling to them.
  6. Teaching women and young girls about periods separately to young boys – this encourages young children to feel weird about their own puberty. I initially get the separation but teaching everyone about everything together would break the ice a lot earlier.
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