Quick Ways To Find Out If Someone’s Worth Talking To (232/365)

Whether it’s for romance or friendship sometimes we need to weed people out, which seems harsh but life is too short to waste time on someone who’s annoying. Sometimes I imagine certain behaviours as flags on people, whether they’re green, red or amber is up to you, but it’s important to pick up on personality traits. Which can be a little bit tedious as it does require you to pay a bit more attention to someone than you usually would, but it will save you a lot of hassle in the long run.

Thanks to life experience and spending a year doing door to door sales, I’ve found really quick and easy ways of picking apart how people are. Some I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, and others are completely new, they’re all in a list because this is a daily blog post run by one human – enjoy. 🙂

  1. How they treat waiters/service workers.
  2. What they’re passionate about/if they’re willing to talk about their passions.
  3. How open someone is about their personal life.
  4. How they present their work space – is it tidy, messy, in-between?
  5. What music they immediately talk about when music is mentioned.
  6. How compulsive they are when it comes to shopping.
  7. How they approach sensitive topics of conversation.
  8. Whether they’re fidgety or not.
  9. Whether they have/speak about their friends/family.
  10. Whether they ask you about your day/how you are.
  11. Pay attention to how they maintain eye contact – whether they can or can’t, or if they try to.
  12. Whether they dwell on the negatives, or speak about the positives.
  13. Whether they’re the type of person to let you know if you have food stuck in your teeth (or lipstick on your teeth).
  14. How they approach and take friendly banter.
  15. How they react when they’re annoyed.

Now all of these tips are up to interpretation, I could elaborate on all of them but at the end of the day my point of view is HIGHLY subjective, and people aren’t roadmaps. They’re multi-faceted human beings, so you have to take that into account as well.

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