The Amazon Is Burning And No One Is Talking About It (233/365)

Yes you read that right, the Amazon rainforest is literally on fire and I haven’t seen any major news outlets cover it yet. I wasn’t even aware of this until I browsed my Instagram stories and honestly that scares me. That’s not all, there are wildfires all over the world right now and again there is radio silence on all of them. Siberia, Canary Islands, Greenland, Alaska, and the Amazon rainforest, all on fire, and I’m pretty sure I’ve missed some. Thousands of people have had to flee because of this and honestly is proof that the world is literally burning.

A report by the  National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration  last week states that this July was the hottest on record, and not just in the northern hemisphere that is experiencing summer right now, this spans across the whole globe. “The average global temperature last month was 1.71 degrees Fahrenheit above the 20th century average.”

Umair Irfan wrote a brilliant article for Vox on this issue and pointed out how humans are ruining the ecosystems and are making wildfires worse through our destruction of the environment.

“In many ecosystems, wildfires are a natural and essential phenomenon. They clear out decaying brush, restore nutrients to soil, and even help plants germinate. But in recent years, humans have made the destruction from wildfires worse at every step. Suppression of natural fires has allowed dry vegetation to accumulate. Human activity is changing the climate, which is forcing some forests to heat up and dry out. People are building ever closer to areas ready to ignite. And people end up igniting the majority of wildfires, whether through downed power lines, errant sparks, or arson.”

Our atmosphere is literally burning up and the world needs to take more action against this. As much as I want to say every little helps, at this point we need the major corporations and people with power to take action, as we’re beyond the point of making small changes to help the world. The world is burning!

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