If You Haven’t Played Detroit: Become Human, You Probably Should (235/365)

Developed by Quantic Dream, the same team who gave us Heavy Rain, Detroit: Become Human follows three androids and their very different journeys to possibly becoming human. The game has many different choices throughout and there are multiple endings you can get for each character, which also includes many early deaths, so you’re on your toes for most of the game.

This isn’t going to be a standard formal review because that’s not really my style and honestly, the games been out for over a year, you can find formal reviews anywhere. This is more my personal thoughts on the game and why I think most people out there would thoroughly enjoy it. It’s not just about the many different choices in the game, because that’s fun, but it’s also about how the choices present themselves and how it’s done.

You follow three characters, an android detective (Connor), a rebel (Markus) and a maid android (Kara) who’s on the run and becomes a mother – I won’t lie to you, the maids plot is possibly the most boring one, and the fact that they wasted my time with the main female character having a maternal plot really pissed me off. Not because I’m not the most maternal, but because the other two have such visceral and interesting stories. What would have been a smart choice would have been to have another female character with a different plot, because then it balances out the possible sexist tones in their character arcs.

Yeh, before you come at me with – NORTH EXISTS – yes she does, but you can’t play her, so my point stands.

One of the pivotal moments that happens early on for Markus and Kara is them going through trauma which leads to them developing emotions (becoming deviants) and that’s done through them physically having to break away their code, and honestly it’s fun to play. It’s so surreal in how it’s done that I truly enjoyed it. This happens later on for Connor, depending on how you play him, and his whole journey is also wild because you can choose whose side you’re on with him, plus he’s a detective so you get cool chase scenes, investigation and more activity.

One of the reasons I really think most people would love this is because the game has a bit of everything. Action, plot, great graphics and some puzzles, it’s fun and honestly you’ll get invested in at least one of the characters, so you’ll try your best to keep them alive. I also played this after my sister, and she pointed out that we made very different choices when it came to every character, once I completed the game we dissected how different our endings were.

With Markus you can rebel violently, or peacefully, I chose violence because it was more fun to play, my sister chose peace. With Kara, it’s more about keeping a little girl safe, and with Connor we both made him become a deviant, now there’s an argument here that these are spoilers – but you kind of get where everythings going as you play it.

Play the game, it’s fun and it explores the complex notion of humanity in a really dynamic way, it obviously isn’t perfect, but it’s the kind of game that immediately has you wanting to play it again and making different choices. It’s really open in the sense that so many little choices make a massive different, so if you were to play it differently you could end up with an entirely new gaming experience.

3 thoughts on “If You Haven’t Played Detroit: Become Human, You Probably Should (235/365)

  1. Omfgggg, bitch please do more posts on games!! Also, i highly reccomend you play Until Dawn and Life is Strange. Both games are the same in terms of choices and choosing what happens to them etc. However, until dawn is about survival and life is strange is a sick and twisted game (it’s a thriller with an amazing and jaw dropping reaction in the second to last episode i think and you’ll be able to relate to it as the main character moves out to an art school uni lol).

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    1. Hiya, omg I will play those, I’ve heard a lot about them! I’ve started playing Heavy Rain at the moment and I might write a post on it, honestly these games that allow you to make choices and make you feel for the protagonists are my current jam!!

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