How Do People Daily Vlog? (236/365)

I’ve been running a daily blog for over half a year and honestly it hasn’t been easy, there have been multiple times where I’ve wanted to quit and honestly the only reason I haven’t is because of pride and the fact that people know about it. Daily vloggers however have to record, edit and post every single day, and let me be honest and say that writing blogs is piss easy compared to it.

People can pretend that writing is an art form and that it takes a lot of effort when thinking about an idea, writing it and then proof reading it but honestly vlogging is a lot more effort. Not only do they have to record, they have the edit and ensure their lives are interesting enough to make into a video. At least with blog posts I know I can post it quickly during work, but vloggers – they need hours just to edit it.

Daily vloggers are made out of something else, I have a high amount of respect for anyone who does it but also I worry about their mental health. It’s a lot of effort and pressure and their lives must revolve around content which means on some level they lose the ability to live a genuine life.

I guess I only really spend time thinking about this because I can relate to the pressure of posting every single day and feeling a bit of burn out to some extent. I don’t even know what point I want to make with this because honestly this is just a random thought I had and because some ifnluencers have had open burnout/severe mental health I guess I just worry.

Which is weird because not only do I not follow any daily vloggers religiously, but for the most part I’m pretty detached from the YouTubers I follow. I guess it’s literally just because I can relate, and therefore I care, which is also weirdly fucked up

Maybe my next post should be about my own personal biases when it comes to empathy, but that could also just be a massive exposé.

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