Stupid Skincare Tips (237/365)

It’s 2019 and honestly skin care is something that a lot of us invest a lot of time in, maybe it’s due to the rise of beauty influencers, or the rise of real information being spread by professionals, but everyone is either aware of skin care trends or are practicing them. Even that person who uses hand wash as a cleanser knows it’s not the right thing to do.

Thanks to this, we have loads of information thrown at us all the time, but sadly not all of this is good, and some of it’s just plain stupid. Now I’ve written nice blog posts about this topic, but now it’s time to call out the stupidity out there using my favourite method – a list.

So here’s a fairly passive aggressive list featuring all of the stupid skin care tips we are told about.

  1. That those spinning face brushes are a need, I’m looking at you Clarisonic. Even though they are probably nice, they’re not a need, and in some cases they can irratate your skin.
  2. That you can mix and match all of your acids, don’t, your skin will regret it.
  3. That some skin products can work for every skin tone and type, just stop. Different people have different needs.
  4. That miracle products exist – regardless of how amazing your product is, that KFC bucket will make you break out.
  5. That all natural = better. It might be nicer for some, but all natural ingrediants can all contain irratants and some may also cause alergic reactions.
  6. That a DIY mask with lemon in it can be used in the morning, your skin is more sensitive to the sun when lemon is used in it, just stop playing this game.
  7. That oily skin doesn’t need moisture as much, oily skin still needs love!
  8. That face oils are the enemy – they’re not. They might not work the best for everyone, but some of us swear by them.

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