Do Star Signs Really Matter? (238/365)

I’d like to first formally state that I spent most of my life not really giving a shit about star signs, and then I made friends with people who do and now I know some things about them. Personally I don’t really believe that it makes much of a difference, or that your star sign somehow plays a role in your personality, however, the whole concept is truly interesting and in some cases, people do actually represent their star sign – sun, moon and rising included.

So why am I even writing about this? Well it’s my birthday in a month and that means Libra season will finally be gracing us. So yes, I’m a Libra, but am I actually a real Libra?

Well for those who don’t know Libra is an air sign and it’s represented by scales, which represents ones obssession with balance and harmony. We’re also supposedly fixated on symmetry and really want to gain some equilibrium in our lives. We’re also ruled by Venus, which is the planet that is associated with love, money and beauty.

So basically because we’re represented by scales, we’re in need of balance, now on some level, I feel like most people can relate to that. Most people strive for balance and equilibrium, even those who are motivated by success and constantly take risks, want those risks to fall in their favour and hope that it, in turn, gives them a new sense of balance. Funnily enough though, personally most Libra’s I know are the most unbalanced people out there, but that’s just a personal note to make.

The fact that we’re ruled by Venus also means Libra’s are massive flirts, like extreme flirts and have crushes every single day – which I can’t lie, I may not be the biggest flirt but I have had multiple crushes and can have like 10 intense crushes at the same time. Funnily enough we also have a stereotype of being indecisive, so maybe that links into the ‘having loads of crushes’ thing.

Overall I don’t really believe in star signs or even believe in horoscopes but I do find it really interesting. The more people I meet who are into this, the more I learn and honestly their passion makes me want to gain more information on it all. Even though they’ll never truly sway me, the fact that there are so many who fit their star signs and believe it’s an accurate representation of their being fascinates me.

I guess it’s just the fact that there are so many different ways that people find to define themselves. Everyone wants a label (even when they say they don’t), whether it’s a star sign or a group of letters, they crave meaning in what shapes who they are as a person beyond nature and nurture. It’s also an easy way to find people who are likeminded and through these groups you can also predetermine your compatibility with others – so I guess it cuts the bullshit out, despite not always being 100% correct.

This kind of links into a blog post I wrote a while back about humans losing their ability to connect, we kind of look for different means as a shortcut into finding people. As opposed to organically taking everyone as they come, which sort of means we’re losing something really important especially as humans are social creatures. I’ll end this weird tangent as it’s not really about star signs anymore, but the different ways people find of categorising themselves could be a 7 part blog post in itself. Without even including the ‘why’ about it all.

3 thoughts on “Do Star Signs Really Matter? (238/365)

  1. I felt the same way about zodiacs until I found out that the Greeks actually stole their zodiac calendar from the ancient Kemites and that astrology and having your charts drawn when you’re born is an ancient African tradition.

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