A Pledge To Never Make Ourselves Small Again.. (239/365)

There are loads of things we as a society do to make ourselves small on a daily basis, beyond the obvious of losing weight – we over-apologise, hesitate to bring our opinions to light, say yes to everything (even if we don’t want to go out). We just feel pressure to fit the status quo despite loads of people outwardly claiming that they’re different and ‘quirky’, they still spend a lot of time making themselves small to fit into the very small box society has created for us. Those that try to break the mould are either praised or despised – or both, it’s a really confusing phenomenon.

I’m not here to say that I break the mould, or even make a difference, I’m guilty of trying to make myself small and honestly it disgusts me. Whether it was being overly quirky and making myself into a manic pixie dream girl in my youth, or my need to apologise before stating my opinion in the work place, the idea of needing to fit into this box is so ingrained in my being that I feel like it’s time to change. I’m doing this on my blog post because I have a small readership, and if this could help someone realise how unhealthy it is to make yourself small, then I’d love to help out.

So this is a pledge to stop doing these things. I’m going to stop trying to fit this small mould, I’m going to stop making myself small, I’m going to stop apologising all the time (especially before saying my point), I’m going to stop doubting myself or my abilities and I’m going to stop lying. That last one might shock people who know me in real life, but the ‘blunt persona’ hides a lot, honestly, if I said all of my thoughts people would be shook.

So this is the pledge I’m making and I hope others can join it too. Changes won’t happen overnight of course, but making these conscious decisions can lead to change.

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